Kietasis diskas SEAGATE 1TB

  • SEAGATE 1TB kietasis diskas;
  • Jungtis: SATA 6Gb/s;
  • Skirtas vaizdo įrašymo įrenginiams, 24/7;;
  • Spartinančioji atmintis 64 MB;
  • 3,5", 7200-RPM.
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55,83 €
46,14 € be PVM

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Kietasis diskas, 1 TB talpos. 

  • Capacity and high-definition video
    While most people would first associate HD video with entertainment, HD surveillance video is also responsible for a massive amount of capacity demand in the worldwide storage market. One of the fundamental enablers of HD surveillance video is affordable, reliable and high-capacity storage.
  • Seagate AcuTrac technology delivers accurate, reliable performance
    SV35 series hard drives now leverage extremely small tracks, measuring a mere 75 nanometers in width, while delivering reliable read-write functionality, even in higher-vibration environments. Seagate AcuTrac servo technology makes this nano-sized track pitch possible, providing accurate read-write data capability with fast 7200-RPM performance.
  • Surveillance-optimized and feature-rich
    SV35 series drives are tuned and tested for the rigors of a video surveillance workload, which is characterized by high write frequency in an always-on environment. In addition, specific features allow integrators to fine-tune the storage solution to optimize and manage power, monitor and manage temperature, or even characterize reads and writes for data or video payloads.


Talpa 1 TB
Kietojo disko dydis 3.5"



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