Product reference: PSC100SG
  • 1 loop, non-expandable, addressable control panel;
  • 240 loop addresses;
  • 4.3" touchscreen display;
  • TCP/IP conection for programing and networking;
  • HORNET+ interface;
  • Power supply 2,1A;
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Product information



Previdia Compact combines compactness with top-of-the-range features, his unique key feature provides an extremely simple to use and configure control panel which is at the same time powerful and flexible to adapt to any installation. The use of an LCD graphic display provides clear and effective information reducing dramatically the reaction time in case of fire. The display can provide maps and (if connected to a IFMLAN of a Previdia Max control panel in a Hornet+) images from camera to provide to the user a complete control of the situation. The system can be easily configured from the front panel or a powerful PC configuration software that is available to manage easily all those advanced functions available in the panel (logic equations, evacuation matrix, timers, actions, remote communicators etc.).




  • Compact analog addressable fire control panel 
  • Two loops or single loop option 
  • Up to 240 devices per loop 
  • 4.3” graphic display, 65000 colours 
  • Touchscreen display 
  • Zones LED indicators available as an option 
  • One channel gas extinction function available as an option 
  • 1.5 A or 4 A power supply included 
  • Battery charger included 
  • Ethernet port with TCP-IP connection included 
  • USB port for configuration 
  • Micro SD card management for saving/loading configuration data 
  • Optional dialer module with PSTN / 3G / GSM voice and digital communicator, SMS facility, data connection 
  • Digital communicator included in the panel 
  • Certified CPR EN54-2, EN54-4 and EN54-13 
  • Certified CPR EN54-21 over all channels (IP/3G/GSM/PSTN) 
  • Certified EN12094-1 (fire extinguishing systems) 
  • Token ring network up to 48 panels, complete data and activations sharing, RS485 based 
  • Networking over TCP-IP, up to 20 panel clusters 
  • Video verification from any IP Onvif camera 
  • Multi protocol loop (Inim, Apollo and Argus devices supported) 
  • 4 Supervised power I/O channels available on board 
  • One relay available on board


Software features


  • OpenLoop Technology 
  • LoopMap Technology 
  • Versa++ Technology 
  • Graphic map configuration 
  • Manages Modbus TCP protocol 
  • IP camera video-verification of alarms 
  • Manages SIA-IP protocol 
  • Possibility to send SMS messages with automatic text generation (with dialer module) 
  • Possibility to send up to 100 voice messages for a maximum of 8 minutes (with dialer module) 
  • Up to 240 devices per loop (depending on the selected protocol) 
  • Control equations for activations with logical operators (And, Or, Not, Xor, etc.) 
  • 1000 software zones per control panel 
  • 1000 logic groups each control panel 
  • 500 trigger activations each control panel 
  • 100 actions 
  • 240 logic group shareable in Hornet+ network or cluster 
  • Walk test function 
  • 2000 event memory 
  • Autoenrolling of loop devices 
  • Autoaddressing of loop devices 
  • Manages 4 access levels in accordance with EN54-2 
  • 4 password levels 
  • 100 user codes 
  • Programming software in Windows environment


Compact specifications.jpg


Compact dim.jpg


Addresses 240
Loops 1


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