Product reference: PSCDIAL
  • Previdia Compact panel comunicator module;
  • PSTN channel;
  • GSM/3G channel;
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Product information

Remote communicator module for installation inside Previdia Compact control panels

Remote communicator module for installation inside Previdia Compact control panels, manages remote communications via wired telephone lines and 3G GSM networks, capable of managing voice calls, records up to 100 voice messages, manages digital calls via the most widely-used protocols as well as automated SMS text messages.



Technical specification:

- Compact analogue-addressable control panel, capable of managing 1 loop of 64 points, 1 loop of 240 points or 2 loops of 240 points (depending on the model).

- Multiprotocol, manages Inim, Apollo and Argus security protocols on the loop.

- 1.5 A or 4 A integrated power supply (depending on the model).

- Integrated battery charger of 7 Ah or 17 Ah (depending on the model).

- Sturdy metal cabinet with frontplate in plastic.

- Terminals for the HORNET+ network connection with other control panels or remote keypads integrated on board.

- On-board Ethernet connection for remote management, networking between control panels or connection to BMS monitoring software, MODBUS protocol over TCP-IP available.

- USB port for the configuration.

- Management of a micro SD card for the display of topographic maps, saving and retrieving of configurations, storing of the events log.

- 4 on-board I/O channels configurable as 1 A supervised power outputs, supervised inputs.

- On-board configurable relay.

- 4.3” colour LCD graphic touchscreen.

- Silicone function keys for basic functions.

- 30 multicoloured LEDs included (depending on the model) for signalling the status of the 30 zones, or configurable.

- Management of a gas-extinguishing channel (depending on the model) certified EN12094-1.

- Programmable from the frontplate or via the Previdia/STUDIO configuration software available on the Inim website.

- 1000 configurable zones.

- 1000 groups of outputs for activation logics.

- Logical equations for the definition of the most complex activation conditions.

- Timers for the timed management of activations, bypass operations, etc.

- Log for the last 2000 event.

- Manages up to 100 access codes.

- Customizable display with images, icons indicating the status of the various elements, text and function buttons.

- Management of evacuation matrices.



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