Product reference: PLNET243
  • Indication panel with large text display;
  • LCD indicator/control panel;
  • Two rows of text;
  • 12 mm high characters;
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Product information

  • These indicator panels use the larger style 20 digit LCD modules, the two rows of text are displayed using illuminated 12mm high characters.
  • Each indicator panel has an integral sounder and includes a mute switch to silence the call tone for a pre-determined period.
  • The unit displays two calls simultaneously and if more calls are made, the display can be scrolled to show each call in turn.
  • Differing call tones let the staff know what level of alarm call has been initiated.
  • A further button allows the installing engineer to adjust the settings of the display, these include day/night time volumes and mute delay.
  • Another feature allows any of the control buttons to beisolated preventing misuse.


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