Motion and glass impact detectors LC-102PIGBSS

  • Two detectors in one
  • Fourelement pyrosensor
  • Hard shell spherical lens
  • Diffractive mirror for creep zones
  • Shock and breakage detection with separate sensitivity adjustments allowing the protection of several windows with one detector
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Product information

Specification LC-102PIGBSS 

Detection method

Four element PIR & microphone

Detection speed

0,15 to 3,6 m/s

Warm-up period 

60 s

Alarm period

2 s 

Power input

8,2 – 16V DC

Current draw

Active 22mA

Standby 16,5mA

Detection range

Glass up to 10m

PIR up to 15m

Alarm output

NC 28V DC 0.1A with 10Ω in line resistor

Tamper switch

NC 28V DC 0.1A with 10Ω in line resistor

Operating temperature

-20° C to +50° C

Environmental humidity

95% max.

RFI protection

30V/m (10 - 1000MHz) 

EMI protection

50.000 V of electrical interference from lightning




118 x 62,5 x 41mm


Type Dual technology
Type Ceiling
Pet imune No


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