Fire alarm systems cable 4x0.8Ø (4x0.5mm²) LSZH Cca s1d1a1, 100 meters coil (price is for 1 meter)

Product reference: KAP4Cca s1d1a1
  • Fire resistant cable
  • Conductor copper
  • Class: CCAs1d1a1
  • Number and diameter of conductors: 4x0.8
  • Sold in coils of 100 m (WE DO NOT CUT ANY OTHER AMOUNT OF METERS), the indicated price is for 1 meter
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Product information

Non-flammable cable for fire protection systems. Insulation and sheath are made of special polymer (LSZH). Suitable for installation in public spaces (hospitals, theaters, etc.), indoors and outdoors.

Class CCAs1d1a1

Conductor copper

Operating voltage: 500 V

Operating  temperature: - 15 °C / + 70 °C

The cable complies with the following standards:

Inner conductor EN 60228 Cl. 1

Insulation EN 50363-3

Identification DIN VDE 0815

Enclosure EN 50363-4-1

Fire resistance IEC 60332-1-2


CPR classification:

CPR kabelių klasifikacija

Kabelių klasifikacija

The cable meets CCA class.

Cables complying with classes B2 and C are maximally fire resistant, ensuring maximum protection for residents and the environment.

Additional criteria

Klasifikavimo parametrai

Išskiriami trys papildomi klasifikavimo parametrai:

  • Smoke production (parameter = smoke)
  • Flaming droplets/particles  (parameter d = droplets)
  • Acidity (pH and conductivity)  (parameter a = acidity).

Performance levels of the additional criteria:

Kabelių kriterijų reikšmės


Number of core 4
Diameter 0,22
Accessories Cabels


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